Writing Clips

Customer Support

For tech, software, SaaS blogs and websites

The Future of Customer Experience Report by PwC — Nicereply
URL: nicereply.com/blog/customer-experience-report/

9 Ways to Spring Clean Your Customer Support Team — Nicereply
URL: nicereply.com/blog/clean-customer-support-team/

I have also ghostwritten customer support-related blog posts, articles, and white papers for various SaaS companies on their websites and for on other online publications in their name. I can provide links to examples upon request.

B2C Blog Posts

User-friendly software tips, announcements, feature introductions for SaaS/software

Blogging From Your Phone: A New Year’s Resolution — The Daily Post
URL: dailypost.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/blogging-from-your-phone-a-new-years-resolution

Manage Plugins in the WordPress Mobile Apps — The WordPress.com Blog
URL: en.blog.wordpress.com/2018/02/14/manage-plugins-in-the-wordpress-mobile-apps

Extend Your Blog’s Reach with Instagram — The Daily Post
URL: dailypost.wordpress.com/2017/01/16/extend-blogs-reach-instagram

Managing Your Blog On a Mobile Device — The WordPress.com Blog
URL: en.blog.wordpress.com/2017/12/13/manage-your-blog-on-mobile

Book Publisher Marketing

Newsletters, blog posts, and social media posts for an independent book publisher

May 17 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day! — A Book Apart
URL: abookapart.com/blogs/press/may-17-is-global-accessibility-awareness-day

Happy Donut Day! — A Book Apart
URL: abookapart.com/blogs/press/happy-donut-day

June is Audiobook Appreciation Month! — A Book Apart
URL: abookapart.com/blogs/press/june-is-audiobook-appreciation-month

Pop Culture & Hobbies

Romance novels, Hallmark movies, TV shows, and hobbies/general interests

Romance Reads Paired To Your Personality — Frolic
URL: frolic.media/romance-reads-paired-to-your-personality/

Six Life Lessons from Regency Romance Heroines — Frolic
URL: frolic.media/life-lessons-from-regency-romance-heroines

Bullet Journal Beginner’s Guide — sarah.blog
URL: sarah.blog/bullet-journal-beginners-guide

Other Writing Experience:

Beyond these publicly available blog posts, I have extensive experience writing technical support documentation and training materials, email newsletters for businesses and special events, social media posts, and other business communications.