Attend a WordPress workshop

Interested in making your own WordPress website or blog but need help getting started? Let’s meet up for a one-on-one or small group workshop!

Before the workshop, I’ll gather details from you on your experience level and tailor the lessons to be most beneficial to you. We can start at the very beginning and learn how to install WordPress, or if you’ve got a site that you struggle to update, I can make sure you know your way around.

For a one-on-one training, we can meet in person in the Dallas area, or virtually through a video screen share session.

In person options:

One-on-one training

One-on-one training in person starts at $150 for 1.5 hours of time. (This is the minimum length available for in-person work. A small mileage fee may apply if travel more than 20 miles from Northeast Dallas is required.)

A quick 1.5 hour session works best if you have a WordPress site and show up with questions. I can check it out, make some suggestions, and get you the resources you need.If you want to start from the very beginning, a longer workshop (around four hours) or even two sessions tend to be most helpful.

A four-hour one-on-one session is $300. This is a deep dive into creating or updating a website that is customized to your specific needs.

Small group training

Workshops with small groups work best if everyone is starting from the same place. These are often set up to start from the very beginning where we’ll each install the WordPress software and start creating a site of our own from scratch.

Alternatively, small group sessions in a workplace where the team uses WordPress but could use some help leveling up work well too! We can spend time checking out the dashboard, discuss best practices, and getting questions answered.

Pricing for groups is often lower per person than one-on-one training, so finding a few friends to create a group session can make your individual cost lower.

Group pricing depends on the content we’ll cover, the size of the group, and where the workshop will be held. I’m happy to discuss details and provide a no-pressure quote anytime!

Online options:

Video screen share sessions are $50/hour with a one hour minimum.

Schedule a session!

Fill out this form to discuss scheduling a session. Be sure to include as much detail about your needs as possible and if you want to do an in-person or online session for the most accurate quote and planning. I’ll reply within 48 hours with any followup questions and we can work out the details! (Quotes are no pressure, so don’t hesitate to email if you’re curious but not sure!)