Blogging Tasks to Tackle in 10 Minutes

Blogging is so much more than simply writing content and often takes up way more time than people expect. And if your blog isn’t the job that pays your bills, it can be hard to prioritize blogging tasks. Thinking of content, writing, formatting posts in your CMS, publishing, and promoting your work requires real effort. It can be easy to think of all of the things you need to get done on your blog and get stuck doing none of them because you never have enough time. However, if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare today, check out the list below for some quick tasks to take care of right now.

Blogging Tasks to do in 10 minutes:

  • Make your blogging to-do list for the week. If you have an editorial calendar, fill it in.
  • Read and reply to as many blog comments as you can in the time you have.
  • Send or reply to that one blogging-related email you keep putting off.
  • Declutter your favorite blogging spot and make sure it’s cozy enough for your upcoming blogging sessions.
  • Find an old post to update and add it to your to do list. Consider adding a Pinterest-worthy image or inserting to click-to-tweets.
  • Write tweets for upcoming posts or to re-publicize a few older posts.
  • Follow five new Twitter or Instagram accounts in your niche.
  • Look for inspiration! Browse Pinterest, open a magazine, read blogs, and/or check the news.
  • Snap a behind-the-scenes photo and share on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Step away from your computer and read something. Make it for fun or for learning something. Whatever you choose, it’ll refresh your brain for more blogging later (and might inspire a few post ideas). F

Have more than 10 minutes? Or are you a new blogger wondering about tasks to help you start your new blog off on the right foot? Check out Five Easy Must Do Tasks for the New Blogger.

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