Other lunchtime activities this week: The Flash finale (so good), tried a new smoothie (thank you, Blendtec), and took a nap (zzzzzz).

PS: Working from home is awesome.

Booked flights to Amsterdam

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Because goodbye, money!

But also:

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Because yay for visiting my husband’s family, spending time in Amsterdam at my favorite places again, and going to Paris for the first time everrrrrrrrr.

All France tips welcome. What should I eat? Where should I stay? What do I dooooooooo? (Other than wear black and carry around a baguette, obviously). :D


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Solaroad's bike path in The Netherlands

Solar Bike Path Success

Dutch bicycle paths are fantastic and such a huge part of their daily lives. If those paths could also contain solar panels to provide their power? Awesome!

The company has revealed that its road has generated much more energy than expected — it produced 3,000kWh of electricity in the space of just six months, or enough to power a single person’s home for a year. That doesn’t sound like much, but SolaRoad notes that its path only covers a 230-foot stretch in a Dutch village.

The first solar bike path is producing more energy than expected (Engadget)