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First Official Day at Automattic

Today is my first official day at Automattic working as a Happiness Engineer for! 🎉

I don’t feel totally brand new, since I worked for actual money during my trial period, and I’ve been lurking around my new team’s Slack channels for weeks while I waited to officially start, but STILL.

TODAY! IS! THE! DAY! Wish me luck!

2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Did you watch the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last night? President Obama continues to have great comedic timing, a fantastic ability to laugh at himself, and isn’t afraid to call people out. (Love it!) Cecily strong was pretty great too.

If you can’t find a full video somewhere, CNN has a nice list of some of President Obama’s best jokes. And NPR’s got a few too, including a bit of an explanation on Luther the anger translator. (Do you watch Key & Peele? They’re great!)

Seoul Dog & K-Fries @ LA Burger

To eat: LA Burger in DFW

This is totally off my usual technology/internet/feminist focus, but LA Burger is so good that I feel the need to tell everyone.

Seoul Dog & K-Fries @ LA Burger in Richardson. 10/10 – Always recommend!

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The Seoul Dog is FANTASTIC. The K-Fries are DELICIOUS. And there are great Korean Fusion burgers too! I didn’t even know I liked kimchi until I tried it here and found out I love it!

They’ve got three locations in the DFW area now (Richardson, Carrollton, and Valley Ranch). If you’re nearby, GO!

My Apple Watch

My Apple Watch Arrived!

My Apple Watch showed up today! :D :D :D It’s my very first Apple release day buy & ooooooh, how fun!

It's here! #applewatch

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Also, let’s pretend Apple sent me one earlier than previously predicted (June!) because of my post lamenting the backorder.

When I met the UPS delivery guy at the door, he said, “I’m delivering a lot of these today…” questioning why he suddenly had a bunch of small, skinny boxes to drop off everywhere, so I said “It’s the Apple Watch!” (a bit too loudly probably) and most likely freaked him out/made him want a Pebble.

Pink = more women in poverty than men.

To Read: This Map Shows Every State Where Women Are More Likely to Live in Poverty Than Men

Pink represents which states women are more likely to be in poverty.

Pink = states where women are more likely to live in poverty.

This Map Shows Every State Where Women Are More Likely to Live in Poverty Than Men. Spoiler alert: ALL OF THEM. And the numbers are consistently worse for women of color.


Read more on Mic.

To Watch: Why Do Tornadoes Hate America?

Fact: 65-80% of all tornadoes each year occur in the U.S. But WHY?!

Tornadoes are on my mind right now because they’re in the forecast for Dallas for the next few days… Not for sure, of course, but maybe. And maybe is enough to make me worry at least a little bit. There will most certainly be a lot of rain and noisy storming, but hopefully I won’t have to hunker down in a closet.