Small Business Saturday Haul from Urban Spools in Dallas

Small Business Saturday

I made sure to spend my money at a few local favorites today for Small Business Saturday (#shopsmall). I grabbed sewing supplies for some upcoming projects at Urban Spools, the sewing lounge where I’ve been taking classes, then ate pizza from Atomic Pie and ice cream from Lake Highlands Creamery.

Northeast/East Dallas is full of great local businesses, with the benefit of easy parking and less traffic than some of the more obvious cool spots in town.

Domestic Terrorism & Planned Parenthood

The news from Colorado today is tragic and awful and a direct result of the war on women and reproductive choice that’s happening across the States. It’s not the only recent attack and unfortunately likely won’t be the last as long as fringe groups believe they have a right to dictate control over a our bodies and guns are easily bought by madmen.

Sent a donation to Planned Parenthood today to show some tiny measure of support in such an awful time.

Stay safe out there, ladies.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

I made my annual batch of Cranberry Sauce last tonight to have ready for today. (Cranberries, orange juice, sugar. Ta-da!)

Making Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving

And this morning I picked my sister up from Love Field after her short flight from Houston to Dallas. :D :D :D  (Doesn’t she seem like she’s having a fantastic time on that awesome teal couch!)

Sister Visiting for Thanksgiving

We had some snacks on on the coffee table…

Snacks on Coffee Table for Thanksgiving

…and an accidental Halloween vibe on the dining table. Ha!

Thanksgiving Table

We ordered a fried turkey from a local barbecue place (since our oven is broken and we’re toast oven-only until our remodel), and made the very delicious sides.

Thanksgiving Food

Starchiest plate I’ll eat all year, but yum! Totally worth it.

My Thanksgiving Plate

Hope you had a lovely day too!


It’s here! 

I’ve waited 10 weeks for this sofa to arrive. More soon!  

Bye, Pennies

John Oliver explains out how pointless pennies are these days and how we spend too much money making them. He’s right and we should stop.

(Also, if you’re not already watching everything from Last Week Tonight, you should start. They post a bunch of clips on YouTube.)

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Welcome to the New and App for Mac

Sarah Blackstock:

This is awesome (and I really love the desktop app)!

Originally posted on News:

What if helped you…

… update your pages and respond to comments from a desktop app?
… manage all your WordPress blogs and sites in one spot, on any device?
… spend less time on administration and uploading and more time creating?
… find the best content people publish with WordPress every day?

What if we rebuilt from the ground up to make it all possible?


Welcome to the new We can’t wait to see what you create.

Your home on the web has a home in your dock

You’ve already been using parts of the new, in the new editor, improved stats pages, and refreshed Reader. You deserve web tools as powerful and flexible as your ideas.

The for Mac app is the next step in a suite of improvements that help you realize your vision on the web — and it’s an app you already know how to…

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Nieces, 2012

Favorite Tiny People

I took advantage of the brand new, large workspace (our new, empty 7′ long dining table) and emptied out an entire cabinet onto it to sort through everything and organize it. I haven’t eaten at the table yet, but I already love it.

While I was sorting I came across a pile of photos of my nieces back when they visited Texas (from The Netherlands) in 2012. It was their first trip to the States (and only so far). They’re so much bigger now (see here & here), and have OPINIONS. They’re Aunt Sarah superfans though, so I’m really looking forward to their visit next year. We might even swing by Disney World.